Aug. 23, 2022

We Kill Cowboys

We Kill Cowboys
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On this episode Brian is joined by Alex Muller of We Kill Cowboys.

Based in Cape Town, We Kill Cowboys is a four piece psychedelic rock/grunge/punk/folk band. The brainchild of singer-songwriter and tattoo artist Alex Muller. During a lockdown in 2020 Alex put together a collection of songs for her first solo EP, entitled Let it Burn. The EP was recorded by long-time friend and fellow musician (and legend in the Cape Town underground scene) Jon Shaban at STFD studios. A record deal with STFD and Just Music swiftly followed.

Following the release of the EP, Alex had a desire to put together a larger more electric sound and recruited past friends. Things exploded from there with the band drawing on their varied influences, spanning Metal, Punk, Rock n Roll, Country, Western Classical, Indian Raga, Folk, Blues and a host of other genres besides. Lyrically, Alex delivers a raw, uncompromising and anti-establishment polemic, drawing directly from her lived experiences in the music scene and the world at large.

We Kill Cowboys are set to release their latest single 'I Don’t Want Your Drugs' on Friday August 26th.

Tune in to hear all about the new track, the history of the band and much much more.

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