Feb. 17, 2022

Panic Boom

Panic Boom

This week Brian is joined by Chris McLernon. Chris is known for bands such as Cold Sweat, Cold Gin and Saigon Kick but he is here this week to share details on his new project Panic Boom.

This band of brothers was formed in 1994 when drummer Phil Varone parted ways with Saigon Kick setting out to form a new group. Varone, called life-long friends Tony Cortese (guitar), Randy Bates (vocals), and Saigon Kick bandmate, Bass Player Chris McLernon. Guitarist Sean Martin would complete the lineup. Panic Boom was born.

Boom's songwriting was immediate as they entered the recording studio to begin recording songs for Atlantic Records. Atlantic would eventually pass on the band, and each member would go onto other projects. The band would never break up, with Panic Boom, you are a member for life. The members call it “The Hotel California of bands.”

After twenty-five plus years dormant, Panic Boom began showing signs of activity when Varone called each bandmate asking if they would like to re-record one of the original songs for his new documentary, 30yrs a Drummer. What happened next was something no one saw coming. One song, turned into two songs, then three, then four and before long; Panic Boom had recorded a full-length album, of brand-new songs, mixed with the old songs.

As well as Panic Boom, Chris and Brian discuss Chris's early musical experiences and influences from jumping on a bed listening to the The Beatles as a child to playing in bands alongside Guns n Roses, Poison, Warrant, Jane's Addiction, Faster Pussycat and LA Guns to name a few. Hear all about Chris's amazing career and what the future holds.

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Chris McLernonProfile Photo

Chris McLernon


Chris McLernon is an American musician who is best known as the current bassist of the band Saigon Kick from 1992–1997 and 2012– present.

Before joining Saigon Kick Chris played in Cold Sweat and the premiere Kiss tribute band Cold Gin, which also featured one time Cold Sweat band-mate Anthony White, Black 'N Blue vocalist extraordinaire Jaime St. James and current Kiss member Tommy Thayer.

Joining Saigon Kick in July 1992, McLernon replaced Tom Defile as their second album The Lizard hit the stores. Saigon Kick then toured non-stop for the next eleven months, as the single "Love Is On The Way" and The Lizard album both went gold.

McLernon then recorded with the band on their third album Water, in Stockholm, Sweden and Tampa, Florida.

Water had three number one singles in Indonesia, leading to a sold-out tour in 1994. The follow up Devil in the Details was recorded in Tampa, Florida and released in 1995. It also charted globally leading to another successful tour of the Pacific Rim and Europe.

After Saigon Kick, Chris went on to develop a company called McLernon MultiMedia that has placed music with all of the major broadcast and cable networks, major advertising firms and indie films. He also fronts a surf instrumental band called Big Mick and The Curl which has charted internationally and heard in the Showtime program Homeland.

Chris also plays guitar and produced Mother Mary with vocalist Robert Basauri (Red Sea, Die Happy), pianist Vince Gilbert (The Cult, D’Priest) and drummer Rick Sanders (Saigon Kick, Super Transatlantic).

On May 7, 2019, it was announced that Cold Sweat was reuniting with all original members on the 2020 Monsters of Rock Cruise.