Dec. 13, 2022

Ken Lewis - obSCENE Stealers

Ken Lewis - obSCENE Stealers

On this episode Brian is joined by Ken Lewis of obSCENE Stealers.

obSCENE Stealers are the collision of music industry titans Ken Lewis and Michael Maas. Meshing over 100+ gold records with scores of epic movie trailers, this dynamics duo’s sound can only be described as EPIC AF! Michael Maas brings the cinematic smoke while Ken Lewis channels his experience working with every artist in the known universe, possibly...probably...definitely...a few Ye-liens.

Drama king Michael Maas brings the movies like a Boss, and Ken’s secret weapon status is Steal Team 6 Level in the music industry. Collaborating with insanely talented artists, oS brings you the next level of “DJ" collaborating, where the DJ’s play instruments and understand orchestration and songwriting and drama, and the artists expand their musical worlds with us and bring us into theirs.

obSCENE Stealers already have several great collaborations dropping this year, and look out for the full STEAL TEAM 6 EP by early 2023.

Tune in to hear all about:

  • The history of obSCENE Stealers.
  • The single "Danger"
  • Ken's musical history
  • Concert experiences and much much more.

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