March 16, 2023

Lower Hollow

Lower Hollow

On this episode Brian is joined by Ashley, Estian and Kyle from Lower Hollow.

Carving a new path through the remnants of broken ideals. The world stood still and watched as we all shifted priorities, some losing everything while others faced indefinite change. An uncertain future; the end of an era. An idea birthed out of frustration for old flames dying, LOWER HOLLOW cut its teeth behind closed doors for nearly two years. Refining a new sound, shaping a moment in history – a viable source of intensity and energy. A raw wound grinding against the salt mill, viscous and relentless.

LOWER HOLLOW sees the light of somewhat darker times with its debut release “Bloom & Expire”, a sledgehammer beating at the heels of fast hardcore, melodic broodiness and heavy lows. “Bloom & Expire” arrives on all streaming platforms on 31st March 2023; followed by nationwide touring in

support of its release.

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