July 28, 2022

Jay Bones - Fuzigish

Jay Bones - Fuzigish

This week Brian is joined by Jay Bones of South African punk rock legends FUZIGISH.

On 29th April 2022 Fuzigish released their commanding self titled album to mark the bands 25th anniversary. Lined with their signature horns, pounding drums, rock solid bass & riff heavy leanings, the album has a sonic ferocity that will satiate established fans and stealthy reach for new fans alike.

On this fun-packed episode Jay and Brian discuss: 

  • Why the time was right for a new album and the recording process.
  • The concert history of the band including their European and Australian tours.
  • The creation of their booking agency 'Punk Safari' and what it was like trying to attract international bands to South Africa.
  • Brian may have finally managed to get a straight answer on where the name FUZIGISH came from.
  • The future of the band and much much more.

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