June 10, 2021

Jack Bad Counsel

Jack Bad Counsel

This week Brian is joined by Jack from Bad Counsel Podcast. 

Not only is Jack one of four comedic geniuses that make up Bad Counsel but he has also had some pretty unbelievable life experiences, especially when it comes to music and concerts. From the time he produced a Kiss concert while working as GM in arena football to the eye opening experience he had at a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert, we discuss it all. Tune in to hear the wild stories of the famous musicians Jack has met and the many concert experiences he has had.

This week Brian is joined by Jack from Bad Counsel Podcast. 

Not only is Jack one of four comedic geniuses that make up Bad Counsel but he has also had some pretty unbelievable life experiences, especially when it comes to music and concerts. From the time he produced a Kiss concert while working as GM in arena football to the eye opening experience he had at a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert, we discuss it all. Tune in to hear the wild stories of the famous musicians Jack has met and the many concert experiences he has had.

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0:00 Hey jack, you're very welcome to Concerts That Made Us. Hey, man, I'm excited to be here. Thanks for having me. I'm delighted to have you. I'm a massive fan of your podcast. It's great to get at least one of you on the show.

Jack 0:15

You know what it's it's for all of us are huge music guys. So I would be shocked if if you don't end up with one point or another all of us on the show, to be honest with you, but I'm glad you enjoy it. It's a lot of fun to do. Those you know, those guys and in girl are very a lot of fun to work with.

Brian 0:34

Yeah, yeah, I was actually listening to your latest episode today. I'm work. And I don't think I've laughed so much. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much like some of the stories. So do you want to tell the listeners actually a bit about your podcast, if any of them haven't heard of before we go farther deeper into it?

Jack 0:54

Yeah, sure. Absolutely. I appreciate it. Yeah. So um, and it is, it's, it's a lot of fun. You know, you hear me laughing throughout it, obviously. And it's all legitimate. I mean, again, part of putting it together was just to entertain myself to be real. It's so we are bad counsel is the the name of the show. And myself, Tim, Greg and Katie. There's four of us and we essentially take questions via social media email, telephone, voicemail, and we try to give advice not good advice. We we we get it's bad counsel. So yeah, we we have a lot of fun with it. We try to try to come up with some crazy stuff. And and really, yeah, it's all about it having fun laughing and, and I think we're doing a pretty good job of it. Yeah,

Brian 1:53

You definitely are. It definitely wouldn't be like run of the mill questions you get either like what it's like on the episode I was listening to today was roommate had a smelly balls.

Jack 2:13

Yeah, so we, so the three of us myself, myself, Tim, and Greg, we, we've known each other for a while being Tim for 20 something years. So we actually did another very bad show, years ago, and really, just to kind of practice, we knew we wanted to do it, we knew we wanted to get into eventually, it was a good way for us to just kind of start and play around with it. So it was horrible. It was a surrounding our fantasy baseball league that we run for 20 something years, so very boring, boring to us. But, you know, again, we learned a lot it was it was, you know, little by little, it kind of grew and and eventually we started trying to bridge out a little bit and really the the very first concept of this show bad counsel came from that show and it was Greg answering a question and giving not only his advice on something, but but then going into a story and just again, Greg, very funny guy, his delivery is his cadence, his pace just means he entertains the shit out of me. And, and then Tim, you know, was just always been phenomenal at what he does, and not only hosting the show, but putting it together all the work in the background. And so long story short, that show came to an end. And but I knew that, you know, ultimately I wanted to ride these two guys, coattails came to be I knew how much talent the two of them had. And I knew that I had to figure out a way to put it together. And, and essentially, it's what I did, I wanted to create a stage to where I thought we would be able to, you know, use some of our talents and experiences to, to share and, and little by little that's kind of what we put together with bad counsel, the three of us got together, Katie obviously came along, you know, after the fact and really she was there the whole time but kind of got into the the forefront after the fact and the for it's it's you know, we're really, you know, camaraderie is is huge. The our chemistry is huge. And it's legitimate, like we it really is like we're sitting around a table, you know, just bullshitting on a regular basis. Yeah, I think that's Yeah,

Brian 4:40

Yeah, it really does come across, even as a listener, like you forget you're listening to a podcast, it feels like you're in the room having a laugh with friends, you know? Yeah. And that's one of the best things about listening, you know?

Jack 4:54

Yeah. And I appreciate that. We appreciate hearing that that was, um, you know, when we sat down and talked about the The first concept that was a big deal for Tim specifically, and he wanted to make sure that that we had that feeling that we had that, you know, hanging out with your friends kind of vibe. And and and you know, like I said it seems to come across and it's it's not that we had to create it's just something we had to make sure that we didn't get away from to be honest with you.

Brian 5:19

Yeah, yeah. I have to ask before we move on to the onto the music and concert. Absolutely. What's the craziest thing you've heard so far? Because I'm sure you've heard some pretty wild stuff.

Jack 5:34

Yeah, I mean, we. So, you know, Tyler is, is a regular caller, I'm sure if you listen to the show, you've heard Tyler from New Hampshire. That guy's a regular caller, I everything that happens with the show. I think that's what gets me the most excited when I know that Tyler called. First of all, I know that we're gonna have a good show that week. And that guy has, you know, from shitting himself to three some potential threesome with his his I think it was wife and mother in law, that he's just, it's unbelievable that that he continues to will exist really to be honest with you, but you know that we get some crazy stuff. So the first, you know, handful of shows we had, you know, some normal question, and we still do get some normal questions and we try to feel them all, you know, fairly. You know, some of these I'm sure our, you know, some of our friends people we know, whatever. Some of them get a little outrageous. I'll be honest with you. I think you know, the the the one you mentioned the, the roommate that specifically but they're their roommates balls smells weird. or funny. And in the question, if you elicited the question, they said, Don't ask why I know that. Well. You know what, that's kind of a big deal here. Like, yeah, if you be able to specifically point out a body part, and and how bad it smells, chances are you got to be close to it at some point. So, yeah. major part of the DA there. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And we, I mean, we've gotten everything from dominating and old folks home to, you know, to a boss with a constant Boner to, you know, we do get, we do get a lot of a lot of the off the wall stuff off the beaten path is Sex, drugs and craziness. But like I said, we try to treat you know, all of them. Not, you know, not well, but fair, we're consistent.

Brian 7:41

Well keep up the great work, because I could actually be lost without having you guys listen to hurts, it really brightens my day, especially in work.

Jack 7:50

I appreciate that. We like I said, it's good to hear it's um, you know, it's, it's fun for us. It's for me, it's therapy. For me, it's it's once a week, I get to get on there and just, you know, let loose and yeah, it's a lot of fun to do. I don't know what I do without it myself. So, hopefully, yeah, hopefully we keep doing it for a long time.

Brian 8:10

Yeah, yeah. And all of you recently launched your own ig pages link to the show as well. And that brings us to how this interview came about. You have some awesome pictures on your instagram.

Jack 8:26

I yeah, I I you know, I've been lucky I've gotten a fallen is some good situations, and I've had an eventful path. And, and yeah, I've been able to capture some pretty cool experiences, you know, over the years, so. Yeah, and yeah, to be able to share that here. And there is, is pretty cool. Yeah, and our Instagram is phenomenal. Again, bad counsel. Greg kind of handles the majority of it. Honestly, are is to him, in my opinion is as entertaining as the show is least it is for me. So yeah, I have Yeah, I've been able to, you know, from from, you know, getting into music when I was very young. You know, you know, I've got lucky and stumbled into a job in entertainment and sports, which got me into a lot of opportunities as well. So yeah, it's it's been a it's been a pretty cool path.

Brian 9:25

This This will bring us nicely on to the to the music section. So what's your earliest musical memory?

Jack 9:33

You know, I I my very first the first music that I remember owning and is a is a kiss album. It was Gene Simmons solo album, and I was young. My parents were a little weird. Now. You know, I learned later that they didn't, that they weren't great at parenting. But even when we were young, when I was young, I had a boa constrictor when I was And I just don't remember wanting a boa constrictor. I just had one. So I like I said, I had gene seven solo up, I want to say six, seven years old, I was pretty young. But as far as musical memory that I think the first real musical memory I have was hearing queens, we will rock you for the first time, the first time that I heard that song and just the the stopping and the clapping, and the there was just something about it. It was different from everything else I had heard up till that point. And it It definitely sparked my interest in, in general in music and in rock and roll for sure.

Brian 10:39

Yeah, the first, the first song that really resonated with you.

Jack 10:44

Yeah, yeah, for sure. Absolutely. Yeah.

Brian 10:46

Yeah, it must have set the foundations for your future you taste and music in the future. So how would you describe your musical tastes?

Jack 10:55

You know, I now at this point in my life, I'm happy to say that I'm pretty diverse. I have, I've learned a lot over the years, you know, some not too long ago. But so I've been able to expound a lot. At the time, I was very focused on on rock and roll. Like I said, kiss was a huge thing for me when I was little again, you know, 6, 7, 8 years old. You know, the makeup and the guitars? And you know, they had that. That's silly. Yes. Show on NBC. I think back then that Yeah, you know, was horrible. But again, when I was seven, eight years old, I thought was the coolest thing ever. So So yeah, rock for sure. I was into kiss quite a bit for a while. You know, again, anything that kind of had that that, you know, a big power cord guy. You know, ACDC later on Van Halen. And then, you know, and then the early 80s I kind of got into started spreading out a little bit got into a little bit of the heavier stuff got into some of the hair bands as well. kind of went in a couple of different directions. Yeah, absolutely. But mostly rock metal for quite some time. Later on, I met a guy didn't do a whole lot for me in my existence otherwise, but he did a lot for me as far as music and musical education. And, you know, I was the guy that you know, up until that point, Motley Crue, Helter Skelter was better than the Beatles as far as I was concerned. So, so he helped kind of educate me diversity a little bit I did, I got into the Beatles quite a bit at that point, some of the older stuff and learned a lot more about music through him, so I'm not huge on country. You know, the, you know, some of the harder hardcore rap I can, you know, leave or take but other than that, you know, mainly metal rock. But, you know, I got a little diversity.

Brian 13:00

Yeah, yeah. I'd say we actually have very similar music tastes or sounds like I was just described my musical tastes.


Nice. Nice. Very cool. Very cool.


So the first concert you're ever attended.

Jack 13:16

Yeah, so the first the first show I ever went to was, it was Motley Crue. And again, I was must have been 12, 13. I did a lot of stuff young. I learned a lot of stuff. When I was young. I had a a pretty eventful existence as a youth. But yeah, young. We were actually I mean, a buddy and his big brother drove us to the show. And dropped us off. He wasn't even gonna stay with us just went dropped us off. But on the way he whipped out a joint and lit it up and said, Hey, you guys smoke. And we of course said yeah, sure we do. And no, we didn't smoke at that point, you know? Yeah. So we sat there and smoked a joint on the way to the Motley Crue show with his big brother and then he dropped us off and we were high as hell. And but yeah, it was a good show motley crew and it wasn't their best tour. Unfortunately, it was that that theater pain tour. But Motley Crue and autograph I believe was the opening band for him.

Brian 14:31

That must have been some experience overall though. Your first concert and your first time being hired and as well?

Jack 14:37

Yeah, absolutely. A Yep. it you know, like I said, music had a big impact on my life continuously and for different reasons. As my, you know, my life kind of went on and, you know, a big part of rock and roll's attraction to me was the, you know, that the attitude and sex and the drugs and Not chicks. And yet, if that was, you know, and I I'm not sure I've gotten out of that yet, so

Brian 15:09

I like to think you don't ever have to get over.

Jack 15:11

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, absolutely. immaturity is a word that boring people use to describe interesting people in my opinion.

Brian 15:21

That's it. That's exactly have you have you got to see Motley Crue again, since,

Jack 15:30

You know, I've seen him a handful of times. So. So as I said, I've had some pretty cool experiences. And one of those is I actually worked in sports, here in Florida, in Orlando, and Jacksonville, and started in Arena Football. And I ended up actually being able to manage a few luxury suites at the Amway center in Orlando. So So I had a lot of opportunities there. And, and I have seen Motley Crue a couple of times since then. Each time that I've seen him, I've been a little more let down. And and then, the last time I saw them, honestly, I walked out, I actually walked out. I haven't walked out of a lot of concerts in my life, man, I love live music, you got to really, you know, upset me to get me to walk out but I did. It was just, you know, from where it started. And you know what I mean? I understand a lot of years have passed. But yeah, you know, sometimes it's better to just just stop. So yeah, so and then, oddly enough, I continued my my career in sports for a little bit. And I was the general manager of the team here in Jacksonville. And we can go into it a little bit later, if you want. But But basically, when I was in Orlando, we hosted the championship game there. And I actually put on the game, and part of it was that we're going to put on a concert. And so we went through a few different bands, we finally decided on who it was going to be. And I was shocked to find out that kiss was was the band that we were going to put on. And, and we can like I said, if you want to talk about it a little bit later, that's fine. But I essentially ended up helping produce a kiss concert in Orlando is phenomenal. It's such a cool experience. Anyway, they ended up after that concert, they ended up getting into Arena Football, and they bought a team and actually played for a couple years out in LA it was the Los Angeles kiss, Paul and gene. And a couple years later, I had moved on to Jacksonville. And I guess Vince Neil must have got jealous, I don't know. But he decided he wanted to get a team. Doing so. We, the league suggested that he come to Jacksonville and buy into the Jacksonville team, which is the team I ran and kind of tried to learn some stuff from us before starting his new team, which was to be in Las Vegas. And so he did. And so all of a sudden I'm like hanging out with Vince Neil in like business meetings and teaching Vince Neil how to how to run a football team essentially. So So yeah, I got another cool experience. However, like I said, By that time, you know, unfortunately, I had kind of lost a lot of respect for the music. But still, you know, kind of cool to you know, end up hanging out in in a work atmosphere with the with the guy that was, you know, on stage at your first concert ever?

Brian 18:40

Yeah. Jesus, we know how he is that as a musician, how was he at running football?

Jack 18:47

You know, we gave him a lot of suggestions. He listened to none of them. And the kiss, you know, kisses his lip kiss obviously knows what the hell they're doing in business, right? Those guys have dominated marketing for, you know, many, many years. I mean, when you're a Rock Band, and you have Hello Kitty dolls with your logo, have you know you're doing something right? They lasted about two years, three years in the league. Again, you know, everybody wanted to do it, but they didn't want to learn how to do it. Vince didn't even care. He lasted a year his team came. He didn't do what we told him to do. And he was done. He lost money. And he moved on. So yeah, not like I said, not the not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but you know, yeah, yeah. So horrible guy.

Brian 19.41

The whole rock star ting den isn't just a persona runs a bit deeper than that. I'd say. Jack 19:48 Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, like I said it you know, the Arena Football League is like a secondary league here and in the States, you know, so a lot of the folks that that you know, want do that stuff and can't wait. Jon Bon Jovi actually owned a team at one point. So there's been some Yeah, the whole idea of rock stars being involved has been there for a while. It's a kind of a rock and roll atmosphere. The arena games, it's, it's more of a entertainment than it is just straight football. Yeah. So like I said, it made sense. You know, but yeah, kids when they got involved it was they had, you know, girls in cages coming down from the rafters before the game. Fire and fireworks it was, it was pretty the

Brian 20:32

man, but they've always been like that. They're just, they're experts at stage shows and putting on a show no matter what it is, you know?

Jack 20:39

Yep, absolutely. So yeah. So as I said, I, you know, I was in Orlando, and, you know, we knew we were going to host the championship game there. And we were talking about, you know, we, let's do a concert before we do kind of a whole weekend, you know, extravaganza so on and so forth. And we're going through this list of you know, at the time, I you know, we're little you know, we're laying out that, you know, it's Arena Football, we had 1012 15,000 fans, it's not, you know, NFL, yeah, we're talking about you know, and it starts off with, you know, the 38 special 20 years, but you know, that type letter, it's good. What about Kid Rock? What about the, and then all of a sudden, you know, the the owner comes in, he's like, Alright, I got it, we're gonna do kiss. And I was like, we're gonna, what? We're gonna, we're gonna put on a kiss show before our game. And I you know, I produced games before that's one thing but he said, Yeah, we're gonna do it. And I said, we're going to you know, somebody else is going to kind of know we were going to do it, you're going to and, and share it. Within a couple of days. I had a writer on my desk from kiss it was I mean, it was, you know, a couple inches thick. It was a big drive. These guys have been in business for a long time. They know what the hell they want and detail, you know what I mean? Yeah. So yeah, it was a cool experience, man, I, I got to drive. You know, I drove out to the airport at two o'clock in the morning and pick them up, you know, literally picked up Paul gene and the guy was again for you know, again, that was, you know, the album I had when I was six years old now hanging out with these guys at the airport. So again, yeah, another really cool experience. They did you know, meet and greets, they did a a an unplugged show for our fans, which was pretty cool. So they were there the whole weekend? And, and then yeah, and then put on a show we had 30 40,000 people and just you know, have gone to that many concerts is one thing, but then to be on the back end of it. Yeah. Learn about how much goes into it. You know, just watch these guys build it. You know, kiss building a kiss stage is not as you said. That's about a couple of boxes and some apps that some some serious shit. So it was just cool to be to, you know, for the entire experience. It was it was Yeah, lucky. I've been I've been pretty lucky. Yeah, it's a

Brian 22:55

Kiss jesus, not like ease yourself in gently like it's powerful.

Jack 23:02

Right, exactly. Yeah, be that writer was it was thick. There was a lot of a lot of requests in there. But it went off great. It was a great show that the the you know, the folks loved it, the fans loved it. And, and then like I said, the guys ended up buying into the league getting their own team, so they must enjoy it as well.

Brian 23:22

And getting to spend a bit of time with them, then what are they actually like, Jack 23:27 you know, they they are, I mean, they've been friggin famous for 40 years, you know, and they are exactly what you would expect them to be like, they weren't the you know, they weren't rude. Jean was a little rude. But they were you know, superstars. They you know, they are superstars. And you knew they were superstars. So yeah, I dealt with was the manager, Doc, whatever the hell is me, I dealt with the manager quite a bit, you know, not necessarily them directly. You know, I got to meet him and hang out with them a little bit. Like I said, they weren't, you know, they were, honestly for being as famous and rich as they are for as long as they were less dicks, but I thought they would be to be much more of a deck. Yeah.

Brian 24:18

We'll, um, we'll move on to the last concert you're at?

Jack 24:23

yeah, so that last cut. So I will say that. Again. I've been to hundreds, like hundreds of concerts and you know, a lot of it in the 90s. I went nuts. If there's a grunge band that existed, I saw them live. I mean, I'd seen everybody through the 90s and then like I said, then I worked in the industry. So I saw bands that I didn't want to see I you know what I mean? I'm seeing Taylor Swift. I've seen Barry Manilow. I've seen Justin Bieber like I've seen bands. The last concert I went to I actually took My son, which was kind of cool to kind of take it full circle, but the last concert I went to was Slayer, actually, in, in Orlando, Florida, and it was just before COVID not too long before COVID and, and of all the things that I missed during COVID I think concerts were number one on the list. I really dig live music and you know, again, mainly rock, mainly metal, but I'll go to anything if it's live and decent.

Brian 25:29

Yeah, yeah, I think you've proved out No, by saying that Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Anything

Jack 25:36

again, there's Yeah, that was my job. But still, I was there. They were on stage. And I saw them. So technically, they go on the list. Yeah, but yeah, so like I said, I actually manage those sweets in the arena for a while. So I would actually my job was to sell the tickets, we would, you know, subs that the tickets out and sell those to other folks to come and see the show. And then I would actually manage the suite. Just make sure everybody's cool, having a good time, so on and so forth. I had some clients that would buy tickets to all the events. You know, so I just, you know, go there and schmooze. So, yeah, so I saw like I said, pretty much every show that that went through the Amway center from its opening, because I was there, you know, day one with that building. Through up till about a matter of fact, I missed Justin Timberlake at the end of 2013. He was coming and I'd missed that when that when I wouldn't mind seeing Actually, he wouldn't be bad. Yeah, I'm sure he puts on a hell of a show. He Yeah, yeah.

Brian 26:37

your job, obviously has some really cool upsides. What would the downsides be? So what would not so good parts of a be?

Jack 26:46

Yeah. So, so I don't do it anymore. And and it's for a reason. And that reason is just time. It you know, honestly, if you're, you know, I would sell the tickets during the day. I would. I would. So it my boss basically just kind of gave it to me carte blanche. So what I would do is is run ads during the day for the tickets. We had, we had quite a few three suites, 20 seats in a suite. And you know, they were sweet. So I wasn't selling them for you know, 15 bucks. These are nice tickets. So I would sell them during the day, anything that we had leftover, I would leave the office at the end of the work day, put on a jacket, nice clothes. And I would go down to to the fancy club downtown, which kind of oversaw the the arena, which was nice. And so I go there and schmooze. And I had a membership paid for a membership, that was part of my whole thing. And I'd schmooze and I'd sell the ticket to those folks. And then any tickets I had left now the show is coming up there's an hour left you know what I mean? I would run downstairs right across the street and then get on go into the highway with the scalpers and I would scout the last of the few tickets and try to Yeah, absolutely. So I'd be up there. Yeah, having champagne with the folks on one end and then and then slinging tickets under eye for and the other but I was hustling, man hustling. And then like I said, then whatever. Once the show started, I would go inside, make sure everybody was good. had a good time. And then, you know, a lot of times I mean, that job got me. You know, probably one of the most appreciative concerts I've ever been to, which was Roger Waters the wall and I'm a huge Pink Floyd guy. I never got to see them. I was you know, so so that's a show elton john. I got to see because of that, you know, Paul McCartney, I got to see because of that job. So yeah, one at all the shows that I didn't think I was going to enjoy and really was a really good show was pink actually really a hell of a show? Yeah, I yeah. Again, it was my job. My girl wanted to see him obviously I was gonna take her and but by the end of the show, I were up front stage taking pictures videos. Yeah, it was a hell of a show. Yeah, good.

Brian 28:56

I've actually hard she puts on a great show. Right? My end is a huge fan of her. She sees her anytime she's in Ireland. But yeah, she's I always see her more like a rock star and a pop star. You know, she's she has that whole coolness quality about her.

Jack 29:11

Oh, yeah. And a lot of it was very sexual as well. Which is something that I'm a fan of. So yeah, I had a good time. Yeah. It was a good time. I can imagine Yeah, I'm you know, I'm more of a fan of the smaller venues. So even when I worked at the the arena there, me and my buddy would I would take those tickets and then trade them out with other folks in the in the city. You know, that worked at the smaller venues that other shows that I wanted to go to you know, like Mickey Avalon you familiar with Mickey Avalon at all a little, little crazy guy, heroin and sex and drugs and all kinds of Easter eggs out in LA. But so I you know, I would enjoy those to the little dive bars. I love little tiny venues. I saw a matter of fact, the same place was called the the social is the name of the place. And that's why I saw the hippie coalition I saw there. Those guys are awesome. I saw Cory Taylor actually stone sour and yeah, he was touring by himself. And it was a really cool show. It was a tiny tiny little place but he did like 30 minutes of it wasn't stand up it was just a little bit of stand up but yeah, just kind of talked and you know, told stories and so on and so forth. And then and then sat down and you know, with an acoustic and, and then busted out for another 45 minutes. I was really cool show. Yeah. So big fan of the small venues.

Brian 30:48

Yeah. Especially when you said that he done 30 minutes of talk and having a laugh. I love that when a performer does that. I've been hundreds before. One in particular was Kris Kristofferson. And he notably, no, he was in his 80s at the time, so you couldn't really blame him. He literally walked out picked up the guitar straight into one song. And that was his song at the time, there was no like, talking or even a whisper in between, you know, I prefer to perform or to like, at least acknowledge the audience's there and not like to practice and hinder their private room at home, 

Jack 31:31

Yeah, right. Yeah. No, yeah, it was it was a cool experience. Like I said, I didn't expect it. I didn't know what to expect behind you just knew as Corey Taylor by himself. I was like, so it's Slipknot? No, it's gone sour. No, it's just going at that it was pretty neat. Like I said, it felt like you were just kind of hanging out with Corey Taylor for a little while. And you know, which again, I've been lucky enough to do at another concert we got I got to go backstage at a show that they were playing stone sour was playing and, and got to hang out with him actually, for a little while. And, you know, you talk about you mentioned, the attitudes that some of these guys had. He is the you know, complete opposite. One of the coolest human beings that I've ever met. Not to mention, you know, someone in rock'n'roll he was Yeah, he was a he was a joy to to experience.

Brian 32:22

he always strikes me as someone who, being a rock star is a job, in a sense. And once he walks off stage, he's the most down to earth normal person. That's why he comes out slowly.

Jack 32:34

Yep. Yep, that's exactly I would say down to earth more so than Yeah, than most of the folks that have had the pleasure of meeting. Yeah, he's up on the list for sure.

Brian 32:43

Yeah. Yeah. You mentioned a couple of minutes ago that you've seen most of the 90s grunge bands. There's one in particular I'm dying to ask. Have you seen 

Jack 32:58

Nirvana? Yeah, I haven't. Though, you know, I, you know, when I get asked that question, What if there was one band that you could see in all time? I always go back to Pink Floyd because I missed them at the peak. You know, I was a huge Beastie Boys fan, and I never got to see them. And then Nirvana. Yeah, Nirvana is the one that I didn't get out of the 90s Unfortunately, no, I got away. Yeah, absolutely. And ain't ever coming back unfortunately. Yeah, yeah. I've been sitting Harrison just I don't know I was like when she started as I was like, Oh man, I got the lottery for Pearl Jam. it no no never got into Nirvana unfortunately. Probably like I said, I would think pretty much everyone Allison shades and Jane's and smashing pumpkin. I mean, I you know, I did like I said, Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam was interesting, because like, they did literally have a lottery to get tickets, they were so popular at the time. You know, right after 10. And everything you had to call a number at a certain time to be accepted to be able to buy tickets to the show. And and I'm seeing a dial in the number of dial the number and dial the number. I'm going to this show like I there's no way I'm missing this. And I'm dialing dialing, dialing, nothing, nothing, nothing. Finally, I get mad. I hang up the phone, I start walking away all pissed off. And my girl picks up the phone and dials one time. She's like, Here, hold on there. They're all fair enough. We, we got tickets and I got to see Pearl Jam is a great show. Yeah,

Brian 34:39

I could imagine they're on my list now. of people. I still have to see that. I I'm going to see that. That's a I'm going to see them, you know.

Jack 34:48

Yeah. I would think I haven't seen him since. And I would think, you know, we talked about, you know, seeing bands later on and how it's, you know, generally for me at least been a letdown that later. You know, oddly enough where it's not is like the hardest, you know the heavy metals not let that they're still jamming their asses off Megadeth and anthrax all those guys. But you know, I get a feeling that they would be somebody that would be I think I would enjoy seeing Pearl Jam probably more now than then I even did that

Brian 35:18

to be honest with you. Yeah, probably they don't seem then as well they're kind of look or seem like they look after themselves and they care enough about the music not to let it slide you know? Jack 35:31 Yep, yep. Yeah, yeah, the opposite of the Vince deals and the actual roses of the Yeah.

Brian 35:40

You mentioned older rockers  still have it. It reminded me of when I seen metallic and 2019 and Oh, man. You think we're like 20 something year olds? You know? You're hitting all the notes perfectly and the time and everything. It was just out of this world?

Jack 35:59

Yeah, they were great that probably one of my favorite Shows of All Time I Saw I was lucky enough to see the the Big Four, anthrax, Megadeth Slayer and Metallica in Yankee Stadium in New York. And yeah, again another just lucky CJ was by the job in Orlando. The boss sent me and this other guy my buddy set us up to New York to see the show because we're just having a great year whatever so yeah, it was What a fucking show man. Yeah. Yeah, great time. And then yeah, and then I seen Metallica not too long ago I mean right again shortly before COVID but not too long before Slayer and again Yeah, note for note man those guys are precise. Yeah Megadeth another one I love Megadeth live those guys have always enjoyed their you know what the state's been able to do with that band? There are a lot of fun as well. Oh, yeah,

Brian 36:59

yeah, definitely there another one that I'd say won't ever lose a DC I've never seen live myself but they seem like they're just as good as when the start.

Jack 37:09

Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah, yeah, I've seen shut up see mega that. Maybe she doesn't talk. Yeah, yeah, yeah. To me. You know, when I first started going into like, I went to that Motley Crue show and again, like I said, rock in general, I you know, I was like, Alright, so you know, it's it's fun. It's it's, you know, defiant, it's, you know, there's drugs and girls, you know, this is quite like this. Right? And that it was probably a couple years later. I can't I don't know specifically mess up with timelines. But I went to to a Panthera show early on. That changed everything like that that Panthera live up until then, you know, I'd seen a couple you know, like as a motley crew and yeah should maybe even kill somebody in a couple of live and not bad shows good shows but not they when when I saw Panthera and the floor open up and you know pids and and you know, my buddy came back with missing a tooth from the you know, trying to get up front I was like holy shit now this is interesting. Yeah, I want to learn more about and yeah, and again I think I've enjoyed that aspect of rockets up until you know again till I stopped going which hopefully I'll start going again soon. Yeah,

Brian 38:35

yeah. would you would you venture into the personalities you know

Jack 38:43

I it's funny at that at that Slayer show that the Big Four in New York I was telling you about I'm me and my buddy are there were jamming out it was Slayer was playing and I'm kind of looking around and I'm like shit you know I remember being at those first few shows when I was young and and I remember seeing that old guy you know in the corner and I was like, oh guy doing here you know what the old guy doing at a Motley Crue show? And and I'm looking around Slayer and I'm like, Oh shit. Like hey, man. Like Are we good old guys now? And my buddy looks at me says no man. He's like look at that motherfucker over there and points direct. I mean, almost. I mean, like he was waiting for it and sure enough, there's a guy where there must have been I swear to god 68 years old just gonna head back. I'm like All right, cool. All right, fantastic. To answer your question, yes, but not to the level that I have in the past I I will jump in a little bit. I will definitely be one of those edge of the pit guys nowadays and like I said, I'll swirl around or you won't catch me and you know the Lamb of God wall or anything. But I you know, I'll mix it up here and there. You'll enjoy yourself. Yeah, exactly. Exactly for sure. Again that's you know, I what I don't do is sit down at concerts. Yeah, there's

Brian 40:12

no need for seats. Exactly, exactly. They shouldn't be band concerts. I agree. We will move on to some of your worst concert experiences Hmm

Jack 40:27

You know, like I said it takes a lot you know, I I've had I've sat through some you know, subpar concerts that just because it's live music I enjoy it I you know when I think of negatives you know, the first thing that comes to mind I kind of touched on it earlier is just you know, some of these guys that you know, unfortunately have just gone a little beyond their capabilities or yet let it go whatever the three that come to mind right off the top of my head I already mentioned you know, events and Motley Crue I've walked out of a Van Halen show Oh, you know later in the in Van Halen was you know, again I was used Van Halen fan for years. And and then Guns and Roses. That guy what a douchebag that probably at all the my worst experience I had. I had been to guns roses at their peak, you know, I went to shows when, and had a great time, his great, great show at the time. This is years later. Now I'm working at the arena. Now I again, I have a responsibility at the very least to get the show going. Make sure everyone's having a good time and stuff. And then, in the case of Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, I can then just removed myself and you know, sit back. Yeah, exactly. This, you know, Guns and Roses was playing. And I knew that I had some rowdy sweets, you know, I had some rocker fans in there. And I didn't need anybody fighting with each other, you know, breaking bottles over their head. So I hung out until the show started, just to make sure everything kind of went smooth. And I hung out. And I hung out. And I hung out. And I mean it was they were supposed to come a lot out of whatever 10.15 whatever. He I don't even think he showed up to the building until after one o'clock in the morning. Like he was and again I you know, knew some people in the building. So I kind of get updated. They're like, No, he's not even here. Like he's not even in Orlando right now. Like they're supposed to be playing and he's not in this city. So yeah, that I guess at all my experience is that and and then I did I got what I thought at the time, I was lucky enough to go to a Grateful Dead concert and I did get to go to Grateful Dead concert. However, I, me and my buddy went down and and we didn't have a lot of money left. And and we bought what we thought was acid. We didn't really get the full show. And of course it wasn't I don't know what the fuck it was. But not only did we not trip during the Grateful Dead, but we both ended up having a horrible fucking time. So So yeah, those would be those would be my two negatives, I guess as far as concert experiences go.

Brian 43:37

Oh, you've you've kind of ticked both boxes of what are the ultimate worst experiences though? First of all, anything to do with Guns n Roses? Well, anything to do with Axl Rose. And then like shitty drugs?

Jack 43:52

Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it could be worse, right? I've seen some people at concerts and parking lots after concerts that probably have worse stories than I do for sure. Better effect at that. I think it was that Grateful Dead concert. There was a guy afterwards naked in the parking, just burning his shit. His clothes and yeah, just fucking drugs, man. They'll get you. Yeah. Yeah, I saw. I saw the Butthole Surfers in in a shitty little dive in Miami. I mean, so should there were guys in the in the back of the venue shooting up like just sitting in the background just shooting up it was. Yeah, it was it was quite an experience as well. Yeah, that's pretty neat. Show. Yeah.

Brian 44:56

Before we move away from concert you've been to so the final concert question. What's the best experience you've had at the concert that didn't have to do with the band you were seeing?

Jack 45:09

Well, but two things come to mind right away. I'm sure there's more. There's so many to go through, right? The two things that come to mind right away is, you know, the show. Bad counsel. Of course, we just recorded Episode 41. Check us out. Tim, our host, and I'm the guy that keeps everything together, thank God. As I said, we've known each other for quite some time. And back in the day, I don't know, again, timelines, not real good. But it was quite some time ago, Tim and myself, saw the band gold finger. And again, a very small venue, I think was called the kitchen. And it was the last time that I saw my very good friend Tim. Marching and stage diving. And yeah, he is Yeah, absolutely. It was awesome. It's one of my favorite concert memories. Period. He was throwing elbows. Oh, yeah. Yeah, there were some violent guys there. There were some of those guys that you know, are there just to do the you know what I mean? Those those guys that like the extra elbow? And yeah, and he dove right into it. He got ready to that was awesome. That was a great time. And then, you know, oddly, I'm sure a lot of people that listen to my show are going to be surprised here but one of my first experiences with two girls you know, sexually happened at a concert that comes to mind as well. Yeah. Red Hot Chili Peppers show I believe. And and you say you believe is absolutely a Red Hot Chili Peppers show. And, and, and yeah, my man and my girl, she hadn't been to many concerts, many. And it was one of the first ones I brought her to. And we were just all you know, kind of in a row, we're up in the, towards the front. And the chick next to her just started kind of groping her. And she's like, hey, this girl is kind of touching me and stuff. And I was like, cool. And and then, you know, then it cuz she's like, she's trying to put her hand on my pants. And I'm like, yeah. Sounds good to me. And say, yeah, so they, they ended up making out. Yes, it was. Yeah, it's a good experience. And like I said, that was that was one of my, my first Yeah, that's when I realized that that might be of interest to me at some point in my life.

Brian 47:45

Oh, man, I need go to a concert in America. Like that happened to be a fight. I guess it depends on who you pick. Yeah, I'm really missing.

Jack 48:00

And then yeah, and then like I said, that first pan terrorist show, man that just the amount of energy and yeah, just yeah, energy. Like, I just I was amazed at that. You know, that many people in the building could get that fucking excited about anything. It was Yeah, yeah.

Brian 48:20

Oh, man. They're, well, you definitely get an award for the best experiences.

Jack 48:29

You know, like I said, I yeah, I've again, I've been lucky. I mean, I you know, I've forced a little bit of myself here and there. Yeah, I've just I've really been right place right time. And yeah, it's, it's been a good path.

Brian 48:50

We'll, we'll move on, though. We get slightly more personal, although, I feel like there's no need to say that no, after the threesome. If you could, see any performer from history that you haven't seen in concert, I have a feeling like know who it is. We touched on but who would it be?

Jack 49:16

Yeah, I did. I think I touched on a little earlier. So as far as performance goes that the shows that I wish I had seen and didn't and Now like I said, Can are those three that I have been Nirvana? That's a big one. You know, Pink Floyd, a huge, huge influence on my life. And, and then the band the Beastie Boys, I always wish I could have could have caught the Beastie Boys and I just never did. You know, I really I just don't know that. I don't think I appreciated them that much. Yeah, you know, I got introduced to the you know, the streamline version of them right away and didn't get into you know, Paul's boutique and that kind of stuff to later on. So, otherwise I probably would have caught him back then. But yeah, so I bet if you if you, you know, gun to my head, honestly, I would say Pink Floyd, if I had to pick one.

Brian 50:11

Yeah, I'd say a lot of people would agree with you. And I'd love to see them myself.

Jack 50:15

You know, I like I said, they were a huge influence on my life, a multitude of different times. You know, and I mean, I've spent probably more nights alone. tripping on the beach, listening to the song time over and over again, than most people I would, I would venture to guess that that's probably the case. But I'm a big fan of the earlier stuff to the crazy you know, Sid Barrett before he lost his shit and you know, see Emily play and you know, the saucer fullest secrets, that kind of stuff. Yeah, so yeah, I would have you know, shit. If you asked which Pink Floyd? I would rather you know, that would be tough, you know? But, yeah, that would be a Pink Floyd.

Brian 51:02

Yeah, there are one band. So they kind of have something for everyone. I feel like there's, you'd be hard pushed to find someone that doesn't like them or had a reason to not like, you know,

Jack 51:15

right. Yeah, they're hard not to not like yeah, like, I could see, you know, somebody's not getting the wall and saying no, that's not for me or whatever. You know what I mean, but you can't listen to all of eventually. Yeah, you're gonna run into something. And, you know, to me, dark side of the moon is the greatest piece of art that's ever been created. Always plan in my opinion.

Brian 51:37

It's an absolute masterpiece. masterpiece. There's a band Actually, I regret not seeing I had the chance to same but things didn't work out had tickets, but couldn't get to go to the doors when they reformed. Did you ever have any running with them?

Jack 51:54

No, no, that would be cool. Yeah, that's, uh, that. They would probably if I kept that list going, the doors would probably end up on it. At some point. Yeah,

Brian 52:07

yeah. You made me think of it there when you set up and you'd love to see but you can't now. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. And see them either. Yeah.

Jack 52:16

experienced at some point. Yeah. No, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, that guy was. I heard you and Gil talking about him. Actually. I'll see you guys. Not too long ago. That was a cool, cool show. Tanks. He's an interesting cat. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Jim Morrison was amazing. That guy's different, right? Yes. Say a different type of human being.

Brian 52:42

Yeah, I'd say he'd uh, he'd be interested to spend some time with, although I don't think it'd be very good for your health. You would think? Yes, depends on what you're into. But yeah, yeah. Definitely be inexperienced.

Jack 53:00

Yeah, I would think that it'd be hard to leave a hangout with Jim Morrison and have it not be considered experience.

Brian 53:06

Yeah. This will bring us to who would you like to be locked in a room with for 24 hours say you have to quarantine with a performer?

Jack 53:17

I you know, I my initial reaction to that would be what I assume is a pretty standard answer. And in fact, as I mentioned, I listened to you talking to Gil and ya know, it was right off the top of my head, I would say John Lennon that said not only listening to some of the things you said and some of that I've heard before actually, it's not the first time I've heard it. You know, there's you know, I guess it would be remiss of me not to again for the fans of my show to say that if I had the opportunity to you know, to pull a couple of people a person or two into a room I mean, you know, you know, Debbie Harry probably wouldn't be horrible to hang out with she's probably be a lot of fun. You know, I mean, I I, you know, Morrison would be a pretty interesting dude. You know, honestly, I would say, you know, if we're staying in music if I was allowed to leave music hunter Thompson would actually be pretty interesting guy to hang out with but again, you probably fuck yourself up. But you know what a fucking ride that would be right?

Brian 54:35

Yeah, I'd never considered that actually. That would be the old my one.

Jack 54:40

But yeah, I guess in music and actually, I guess along the same lines, I you know, I want to experience you know, obviously, you know, new shit i want to i would say I would love to try to spend some time with Sid Barrett. You know and while I'm at it you know Sid Vicious probably wouldn't be a horrible person to pick his brain while I you know, I like the off the beaten path personally So yeah, I think that I think as opposed to trying to learn per se I think I would want to be more entertained so

Brian 55:19

I like your style lot of great picks. One thing popped into my head actually a throw back to a few minutes ago there if you could be locked in a room with how would you think? Or what would you think of? Debbie Harry and Joan Jett?

Jack 55:36

Yeah, Joan Jett. Not bad. I'll take that. Yeah, yeah, I wouldn't mind you know, Madonna could hang if she wanted. Yeah, you know, that really spice it up? It seems a little more. You know, it seems like I've learned a little more with Madonna. And I'm always have to learn so. Yeah. There you go. That's my answer. Madonna Debbie Harry. threesome. Final answer.

Brian 56:09

Again, the best the best answer I've ever heard. I think you're going to be like the buyer. I judge all the future guests.

Jack 56:20

Oh, man. that's a that's a lot of pressure. I don't know. I appreciate it.

Brian 56:27

And the I'm actually sad to send out the final question. If you could, you could pick a song that appear on the soundtrack to your life. What would it be?

Jack 56:38

You know, I have a bit of an attitude. I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder. There are a lot of metal songs that I could pick and and that come to mind. But if I had to pick one song I would say rock star by NERD? I would be. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that would be my that'd be the song I come out to if Yeah, if I was a baseball player and I was coming up to bat, that would be the song that we'd be playing. Yep. interesting choice. What is it? What is it about that one? That? Just the attitude? The Yeah, just the the, you know, this is who I am and take it or leave it? You know, I yeah, there's not a lot of depth to it by any means. Definitely not. You know, is thought provoking is some of the stuff that we've talked about tonight. But yeah, that to me. Yeah, that's the song that should be playing. Yeah.

Brian 57:47

Great choice. Great choice. Is there any message you'd like to leave the listeners with? Before we we say goodbye?

Jack 57:55

Um, yeah, no, listen to our show. It's bad counsel, again, Bad counsel on Instagram. It's a lot of fun. You know, it's, again, it's not for kids. But, but it's a lot of fun. If you have a sense of humor, and then I would assume that you'd enjoy it. And, and email us. The email is consultation at bad counsel.com or you can call the show 541-604-8487 and leave us a message. And again, it's a it's just a voicemail. So you go on there and leave a message. Give us your crazy situations. We love to to break it down. We love to come up with answers. And hopefully you'll you'll enjoy the show.

Brian 58:48

where's the best place to listen to you guys?

Jack 58:54

Yeah, Instagram were is definitely our our home base, if you will. So again, bad counsel and Instagram and then we're on all the platforms of course, apple, Spotify. You know, pretty much anywhere you get. You get podcast, you can find us.

Brian 59:10

Brilliant. Brilliant. Well, jack, it's been an absolute pleasure. And it's been very entertaining. Thanks a million for coming on.

Jack 59:18

I appreciate it. Absolutely. Same here. It's it's great to finally meet you in person and I love the show. Like I said live musics a big part of my life obviously. And so. So I'm glad that you're doing what you're doing and love hear folks talk about it. So keep it up, man.

Brian 59:34

Thanks, man. That's That's great to hear. I really appreciate it.


My pleasure. Glad to be on