Feb. 23, 2023

Dust Biters

Dust Biters

On this episode Brian is joined by Nick and Tommy from Dust Biters.

Dust Biters is an emerging, emotive post-hardcore band from Chicago, IL, with a torpedo of groovy riffs and aggressive swing - a sound indicative of their mosaic of influences like Refused, Glassjaw, and Against Me! - that is as clever as it is reckless.

Guilt, the debut full-length record from Dust Biters, was independently released on August 12, 2022. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Alex Lackner (Lazarus A.D., Repentance), Guilt is built on soaring guitars, furious drums, and gripping melodic hooks that flirt with both the somber and the rapture. Throughout the 12-track album, Dust Biters creates harmony between thoughtful post-hardcore and melodically measured alternative metal.

In conjunction with the record release, Dust Biters released two collaborations: a burger with the lauded metal authority Kuma’s Corner that unites ingredients from each member’s native region, and the “Guilt Gose” with Metal Monkey Brewing - a traditional German-style sour wheat ale spiced with habanero peppers and pineapple, an allusion to the band’s penchant for musically blending the spicy and sweet.

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