Aug. 18, 2022

Dave Browne - Picturehouse

Dave Browne - Picturehouse

This week Brian is joined by Dave Browne of Picturehouse.

Dublin band Picturehouse is the brainchild of Dave. One of the most successful Irish bands during the 90s/00s, they had a number of hits including 'Heavenly Day', 'Sunburst' and 'Everybody Loves My Girl' with Sunburst going on to become the most played song on Irish radio in 1998.

The band toured extensively, sharing the stage with the likes of Big Country, Bon Jovi, The Saw Doctors, Texas, The Corrs, Mel C, Alice Cooper and Meatloaf.

In 2017, they celebrated the 21st anniversary of Shine Box with a compilation album entitled "How Can I Explain How This Came To Be?" and a show in Dublin's National Concert Hall.

Picturehouse will play their final concert on Thursday 22nd September at Liberty Hall Theatre Dublin.

Tune in to hear all about Dave's career and concert experiences right from the very beginning.

This is a must listen for every Picturehouse fan.

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