May 26, 2022

Damn Your Eyes

Damn Your Eyes

This week Brian is joined by Artie and Darren from Damn Your Eyes.

Since its inception, New York metal band Damn Your Eyes has been on a tear and taking no prisoners. The crushing lineup consists of Artie Alexander (guitars, vocals), Oddie McLaughlin (bass), Darren Markoff (drums, formerly of Korotory), Gabriel "Gabby" Abularach (guitars), and Kenny Vincent Jr. (vocals). Together, the men make Damn Your Eyes into a Monster Metal Machine. With a thunderous rhythm section, dueling guitars and dueling vocals, they leave no stone unpulverized. 

Damn Your Eyes are slowing down the tempo and diving face first into bone-crushing heaviness on their new single "Weaponized." Based on a traumatic event involving betrayal, infidelity, and emotional abuse, "Weaponized" covers the difficult topic of when negative self talk becomes reality.

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