Oct. 27, 2022



On this episode Brian is joined by Jesse from Chokesetter.

Chokesetter formed in 2018 with a few old friends and longtime veterans from the local music scene in Northwest Indiana. Having played in notable separate bands for years, these gentlemen forged a path together that would form a heavy hitting band of crunchy riffs and smooth grooves.


Chokesetter combines several musical influences from Black Sabbath and Clutch all the way to Fu Manchu and passionately grind their wheelhouse in authentic feel-good rock-n-roll, stoner rock riffs and swing style blues. Chokesetter rises above the rest by being well seasoned and experienced in playing live to any kind of audience and making new fans wherever they play in any variation of lineup.

Each member of the band has played in front of audiences of all sorts for over 20 years giving them elevated experience in engaging the crowd regardless of being a support or a headlining act while presenting a professional and seasoned business attitude. All of the guys in the band would honestly say that they will never give up on their love for purely rocking out and working hard to manifest their long time dream of being on the big stage with the deep understanding that being in a band is a passion, a privilege, a relationship, a business, a commitment, and a wild ride with all the ups and downs and that no matter what, Chokesetter is in it to win it.

Tune in to hear all about:

The single Motorboater and WorldEater.

The history of the band.

Best and worst concert experiences.

And much much more.

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