Sept. 22, 2022

Bullet to the Heart

Bullet to the Heart

On this episode Brian is joined by Draven and Brian from Bullet to the Heart.

After facing life’s trials firsthand, 4 Piece Alt-Metal/Hard Rock band Bullet to the Heart was inspired to write music to help others through the issues the challenged them; Mental illness, addiction, and personal identity. Their studio music demonstrates the range, technique, and song writing ability that has been played on world-renowned radio stations and has been featured on Spotify and Apple music playlists. A local favorite, the band is taking the next step, sharing their message and music with the world. Bullet to the Heart plans to use their dynamic live show, highlighted by distinctive guitar and vocal techniques, energetic rhythms and uplifting stage performance that has earned the praise of their dedicated fan group, “The Bloodline”, with a larger audience.

Tune in to hear all about:

  • The latest release 'Black Widow'
  • Draven and Brian's music history.
  • Concert experiences
  • Who they would see in concert for one night only
  • Who they would spend 24 hours locked in a room with
  • What song would appear on the soundtrack to their lives.

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