Nov. 10, 2022

Betty's Nuklear

Betty's Nuklear

On this episode Brian is joined by Chad from South African desert rock band Betty's Nuklear.

Betty's Nuklear is an alternative desert rock band from the Garden Route, South Africa. Putting their energy, sweat and passion into creating a show you won't forget.

The vast mash-up of influences are insane and range from a touch of jazz and progressive metal in the rhythm section with Shane Carew on the drums. Accompanied by the hard-hitting bassist from the north, Anthonie Botha. Who brings more of a blues rock feel to the cauldron. The hard riffs are provided to you by Dean Clark, with a hard rock/pop influence and a commendable skill in the theoretical world we bring you, our sound! Frontman and lyricists Chad Abnett derives his influence from a wide range of eras but always stays true to the classic rock tone and progressive/ambient melodies that allows you to be immersed by the music.

Betty's Nuklear is officially taking the next step in exposing its true intentions to the world...

They present their first EP titled: "Rise Betty Rise"

Betty is now safe and sound. She is ready for us to show her the ways of her antecedents, she steps into the worlds that we know and has a gander at our viewpoint, and so it begins... Rise Betty Rise.

Just as we exposed Betty to our sound, we now aim for you. Within "Rise Betty Rise" you will find Betty's Nuklear unpacking their adventures into a legion of sound.

Tune in to hear all about:

The EP "Rise Betty Rise" and how they came up with the concept of a super band travelling through space to different planets and find out who Betty is.

The history of the Betty's Nuklear.

How they seized the opportunity to create a music scene in their home area of the Garden Route.

Future plans and much much more.

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