Nov. 18, 2021

Andy Dowling - LORD

Andy Dowling - LORD

This week Brian is joined by Andy Dowling, podcaster and Bassist for Australia's biggest heavy metal band Lord.

Lord was born out of a rebranding/reshuffle of legendary metal band Dungeon in 2005. Originally as a project to release a wider range of music that they felt wasn't right for Dungeon. Lord is made up of LT - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Mark Furtner - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Andy Dowling - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals. They have since gone on to play with Megadeath, Queensrÿche, Nightwish, Nevermore, Saxon and Gamma Ray.

Topics covered in the episode include:

  • Andy's podcast "The Andy Social Podcast"

  • The history of Dungeon/Lord.

  • What its like to join an established band.

  • Concerts they have played and much much more.

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