Feb. 16, 2023



On this episode Brian is joined by Nico and Justin from Canadian metal/metalcore band Fayne.

Fayne is a progressive, metal/metalcore act based out of Montreal, Canada. This unstoppable quartet delivers heavy-driven drums, crushing guitar riffs and basslines, crowned with powerful clean and screaming vocals. Fayne’s progressive metalcore experience causes physical and emotional responses you never knew existed. Introspection, the process of understanding and the hunt to discover what’s behind the veil of everyday life are some of Fayne’s state-altering musical themes.

To see Fayne live is to take that jump you’ve been itching for - veins to the sky, and into the light.

Tune in to hear all about:

  • Empath and Hubris.
  • The history of Fayne
  • Nico and Justin's earl influences.
  • Concert experiences
  • Much much more!!

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