Concerts That Made Us

Concerts That Made Us

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Music is an important part of life. Everybody remembers their first concert. Every week Brian will be interviewing musicians, music industry professionals and podcasters, exploring their music and concert experiences. Let's get those nostalgia juices flowing..

Now without further adieu Let's get on with the shooooow!!!

Recent Episodes

Jim Hustwit - Composer/Producer - Larp Music

May 12, 2022

This Week Brian is joined by Jim Hustwit. Do you remember the Crazy Frog song? Jim was the person responsible for getting it to #1 in the Charts back in 2005. Jim often jokes that he is now making reparations for crimes agai…

April Highlights

April 30, 2022

Welcome to April's Highlights If you missed out on any of this months episodes, this one is for you. In this episode you will get a taste of all 4 episodes. Guests: Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys:…


April 28, 2022

This week Brian id joined by Nate and Isaac from Bellwether. Nate and Isaac have a long history of playing music together, going all the way back to the 8th grade. They began playing Nirvana and Greenday covers to eventually…

Yesterday's Concert

April 21, 2022

This week Brian is joined by Lance from Yesterday's Concert Podcast. Yesterday’s Concert is a scripted, highly produced podcast that is framed as a concert review but tells a story more like a novel. The phrase nonfiction th…

Made 2 Rise

April 14, 2022

This week Brian is joined by Rio from Made 2 Rise, Hailing from the greater Baltimore, Maryland area, Made 2 Rise is a hard rock/metal band that has few limitations. Formerly known as Madison Rising, Made 2 Rise changed thei…

Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys

April 7, 2022

This week Brian is joined by Berlin based South African Musician Lucy Kruger of Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys. To encounter Lucy Kruger’s music is to witness a singular journey of constant reflection that is producing an eve…