Concerts That Made Us

Concerts That Made Us

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Music is an important part of life. Everybody remembers their first concert. Every week Brian will be interviewing musicians, music industry professionals and podcasters, exploring their music and concert experiences. Let's get those nostalgia juices flowing..

Now without further adieu Let's get on with the shooooow!!!

Recent Episodes

Dave Browne - Picturehouse

Aug. 18, 2022

This week Brian is joined by Dave Browne of Picturehouse. Dublin band Picturehouse is the brainchild of Dave. One of the most successful Irish bands during the 90s/00s, they had a number of hits including 'Heavenly Day', 'Su…

Remembering Jack

Aug. 17, 2022

In memory of Jack we decided to re-release this episode. Jack left a lasting impression on Concerts That Made Us and he will be missed. In this episode Jack's personality and great sense of humor really come across as he and…

Sam Spade - The Midnight Devils

Aug. 11, 2022

This week Brian is joined by Sam Spade, lead singer of The Midnight Devils. The Midnight Devils are a high-energy band that takes glam rock to modern places. Hailing from Omaha, NE, and Chicago, IL, the power-trio consists o…


Aug. 4, 2022

This week Brian is joined by Travis and Wayne, the founders of UTOPiAfest. This year UTOPiAFest takes place on October 14-15, 2022. Set in the hills of Reveille Park Ranch , a 1,300-acre adventure ranch outside of Burnet, Te…

July Highlights

Aug. 3, 2022

Welcome to July's highlights. If you missed any of the episodes in July, this episode is for you. Guests include: Asfixia Social https://www.instagram…

Jay Bones - Fuzigish

July 28, 2022

This week Brian is joined by Jay Bones of South African punk rock legends FUZIGISH. On 29th April 2022 Fuzigish released their commanding self titled album to mark the bands 25th anniversary. Lined with their signature horns…